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My 'Yes to the Dress' experience

Wedding dress shopping is the best shopping extravaganza that I’ve ever been on. It was playing dress up as an adult, on so many different levels. However, in my experience, the “yes to the dress” TV series makes it seem a whole lot different than it really is. With that being said, I am here to share a few tips and tell y’all about my experience because I am sure many other brides-to-be can relate.

First things first. You probably only have a slight idea of what you’re getting into… unless you’ve been wedding dress shopping before. I went into it having no earthly clue as to what I was looking for. Yeah, a few years ago I saved some gorgeous dresses to a Pintrest board and have screenshotted a couple photos along the way… but that was about the extent of my dress ideas. The first shop we went to, the bridal consultant started asking me questions… “do you want lace?” “Do you like white?” “What shapes and styles have you had your eyes on?” Me: “umm… I thought that’s what I was here to figure out?” Don’t panic, that’s why you’re there!

I got started by browsing through the racks thinking, hmm, let me try ten completely different styles. As I was wrapping up at the first bridal boutique, my mom came to my dressing room with a unique dress that was unlike anything I had tried. “Just try it,” she said. I tried it on and ended up LOVING it. Tip number one, TRY ‘EM ALL! That would take an eternity, but do try some that seem a little out of your comfort zone. Spoiler alert: this wasn’t the dress I ended up picking, but the detail on it was spectacular.

After my second bridal shop, I had a pretty good idea of the style that I wanted. I didn’t want “THIS” & definitely wanted “that.” I am being very vague here because I don’t want to give away specifics about my dress. Plus, Jacob will probably read this ;)

Living in West Texas, I had Lubbock, Amarillo and Midland to dress shop and low and behold, I went to the five most popular places in these parts. There were dresses I loved, or so I thought… they’d work, but none of them were “the one!” I didn’t even need to be clipped into some, I knew immediately, “next.” Thank God for my future mother-in-law who tootled me West Texas browsing. Next, it was off to Houston to finish my search. Fingers crossed, I only had one appointment scheduled.

When I arrived in Houston, I immediately told the bridal consultant, I do NOT want “THIS” as part of my dress style. She said “okay” and gave me six clips to go around the store “clipping” my favorites. I picked out a dress that had “THIS” as part of it, WHAT! I tried it on and was absolutely in love with it, just by judging from the dressing room mirror. Then, I went out on the stage & was amazed by the perfection of this dress. No, I did not have the breakdown like you see on “Yes to the Dress,” where they know immediately that’s the one. In fact, I was SO confused because I thought I didn’t want “THIS” kind of dress. But I didn’t want to get out of it, “can I leave in this? I just want to sleep in it!” I kept starring at it in awe, but couldn’t make an immediate decision before our linens appointment. I’m NOT one for making impulse decisions. I need to put a lot of thought into something of this magnitude! We left knowing we had two hours before that bridal shop closed. We were back in an hour. I put the dress back on and cleared up any doubt about not wanting “THIS” as part of my dress. THIS dress was made for me!

Six bridal shops later, I found the most stunning dress. I never felt discouraged, just a little confused. I truly enjoyed the entire experience. My biggest tip is soak in every moment of your “yes to the dress” journey and the dress-up nostalgia. I absolutely loved the uncontrollable laughter, thanks to some extremely tacky and obnoxious dresses that I tried on. That’s what makes dress-up fun! Don’t give up, you’ll find the dress that was made for you. Another important tip, bring your best women with you to be by your side! (Or men, I just don’t want my dad to see the dress before the wedding day!) Don’t let wedding planning stress you out, these are little moments you’ll probably never forget. I’m thankful!

XXO, Tierra

P.S. the dress is from Brickhouse Bridal

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