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My one month ClassPass review

If you’re like me, working out in a class setting is the only way you’re going to meet your fitness goals. I’ve never been the gal that can just hop into the gym and lift some weights or run on a treadmill. After moving to Austin I kept hearing about ClassPass; it’s a monthly fitness membership that gives you access to different studios and gyms around a variety of cities. The number of classes you can take depends on which plan you're on and each class requires a certain amount of credits.

I got a free month which was 60 credits; in Austin, the 60 credits plan costs $100 per month and ClassPass says you should get 10-15 classes from it. During my free month I was able to take nine classes, every class I took was 6 or 7 credits. For those of you looking to figure out if it’s worth your money, that comes out to $11.11 per class… worth it? I think so, if you like variety and are trying to find your niche... but for those who like to work out A LOT, probably not.


  • You get to try new classes and check out a variety of studios

  • There are class options for pretty much any time of the day

  • You can constantly work different areas of your body by doing a different workout

  • Find gyms that are in your area that you maybe didn't know about

  • You can really tailor your workout to whatever your body needs since you aren't committed to one studio with their certain style

  • If you can get closer to the 15 classes a month, $100 is a hella good deal


  • 60 credits got me 9 workouts in a month (which isn’t awful, but I ran out of credits with a week left in my cycle... that averages to working out twice a week) but p.s. you can always buy more credits

  • There are peak times when classes cost you 9-12 credits (I didn’t take any classes that were more than 7 credits because the credits go quick)

  • Some studios block out certain classes at peak times; however, if you have a flexible schedule, it'd be no issue (I’m assuming these are the busiest times for their regular attendees, so they don’t have room for ClassPassers)

The classes I tried:

  • Barre3 – It was a great low-impact workout for toning and lengthening and a couple chances to get your heart rate up. I really like this class and left feeling mentally balanced.

  • Ride – It was a great cardio workout, but to me indoor cycling is all about the music and the instructor… the music wasn’t my favorite, but I’d definitely give it another try.

  • Sukha Yoga – I did the Sukha SLOW Flow. It was restorative with slow moving postures and some 'good for the soul' work. It was exactly what I needed on the day I tried it!

  • Tetra – I tried the Barefoot Cardio Burn and Boot Camp, both were great cardio workouts. I liked the barefoot class better because it was lower impact and no running. (However, the barefoot part grossed me out because you’re off your mat at times and it didn’t seem super clean.)

  • Pure Pilates – I had no idea how to use the “Megaformer” but the instructor was a great help. It worked muscles I’d probably never worked in my life and I was literally sore for an entire week. I'd highly recommend it.

  • MOD Fitness – I tried the MOD Burn which is a barre class with cardio bursts implemented throughout it. I loved this! The downfall is that this specific class isn’t offered much at either locations.

  • DEFINE – I did the 30/30 class which was 30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of barre and really liked it because it felt like the perfect amount of cardio and toning. Again the downfall would be that this class isn’t offered as often as other classes there.

  • Knockout Austin Kickboxing – It's small group kickboxing, everyone has their own bag. I really enjoyed this and even though kickboxing can seem intimidating, I would say all skill levels could totally do this class. I can't wait to give it another try.

I LOVE to try new things so going to these new studios was a lot of fun. I am the type of person who talks to everyone, everywhere but even if you aren’t, the instructors, front desk crews, etc. were all very welcoming and informative and wanted to make you feel comfortable at the studios. I met someone new at most classes I took!

For those of you that mentioned you have class anxiety, I think that ClassPass would put you a bit out of your comfort zone, BUT that can be a good thing!! I would say definitely try a free week or month to see if you make yourself try new places. If you find yourself going somewhere that you feel most familiar, then just get a membership there. I met a woman who used to have CP but didn’t like being the “new girl” at each new studio she tried, so she decided to sign up at her favorite. Different things work for everyone, but it’s worth a try especially since it’s free.

The classes I took are just a glimpse at all that’s offered. I totally recommend giving it a try. There are plans with less than 60 credits that cost less, if you’re looking for some other options. Please reach out if y’all have any other questions about my experience with CP or any of the classes that I tried.



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