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Orange you glad I'm sharing this travel tip?

Always bring an orange on the airplane.

No one really wants to smell the recirculating air on an airplane, but if you’re flying, you have to. I recently had a flight that smelled like feet. Walked on, feet. Sat down, feet. This reminded me of something my mom has told me: ALWAYS BRING AN ORANGE ON AN AIRPLANE.

All you have to do is peel an orange and waa-la you have a fresh air freshener!! AND a delicious, healthy snack for your trip.

On another recent flight, I made the mistake of not bringing an orange on the airplane. Low and behold, the little boy two rows up puked. So, as I enhaled the recirculating vomit air I thought to myself, I need to share this tid-bit of advice with other travelers! Don't forget your oranges; the simple, tastey, smell-good solution.

One more perk. Frank Sinatra once said "orange is the happiest color;" always add some happy to your travels! (Oh, not to mention the color of my Texas Longhorns, ahh hook 'em!)

Happiest of travels, y'all! And as always, stay tuned.

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