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Airplanes, Airports & a Concourse full of Life Lessons

First stop, the airport because if you’re going far, you usually have to catch a flight. It is also one of my all-time FAVORITE places.

The first time I flew by myself I think I was seven years old and I have loved every trip since. (Flying or not.) I’ve always been a planner and with that, plus, my love for traveling, the end result is constant planning of another adventure. That being said, here are a few life lessons I've gotten from airplanes and airports:

  • You have to decide, what is worth turning around for? Headed to the airport, what did you forget? Headed on your next journey, want to run back from where you started? If you turn around… are you going to be late, will it change the route to your next stop? Make sure it’s worth turning around for.

  • ALWAYS show up early, show up prepared. That means planning (& printing) ahead. You don't want to be the one sprinting to your gate. (been there, done that; left my taco at the table too...)

  • You’re going somewhere, but you need to decide where you want your final destination!

  • Always bring something to read, because (the airport might get boring without it) the only way to increase your knowledge is by putting new information in.

  • There is always going to be something you have to get through in life and it might just be whatever day it is. Some things can be a bit more complicated than others. For example, are you going to get through security by only having to take your shoes off and walk through? You’re smooth sailing if that’s the case. Or, are you going to get your hand swabbed, have the machine go off saying that you have “bomb residue” on your hands at 6 AM, all your bags are emptied completely and searched, and then you get the real pat down away from all other passengers. By this time you’re so flustered because you don’t know how this is happening to you (no terrorist here, sir.) that when you are asked your age you say 17 but you’re really 22? (Where did that come from?) Just cooperate and calm yourself, positive thoughts, ALWAYS... you WILL get through it!

  • You get stuck next to the two year old that hasn’t stopped talking/squeling since you sat down ten minutes ago (and you forgot your headphones…) Turns out his mom (in the next seat) is someone that you have a lot in common with... Don’t have your mind made up about someone or a situation until you know the slightest bit about him/her/it. Then you have every right.

  • Sometimes on the airplane, and in life, there will be people that you don't care to surround yourself with and don’t really care to hear what they have to say. There will also be those that *apparently* using their inside voice isn’t an option on the airplane. Well, I hope that you have your headphones. In life, too; turn on your favorite jam and block out whatever garbage you want!!

  • Most importantly, get excited! You’re going on a new adventure. Whether it be near or far, it’s never going to be this day ever again (HOW CRAZY IS THAT) make the most of it and learn something new. Enjoy every little adventure and especially this big one called life!

Stay tuned!

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