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Time Well Spent tips for your wall collage

I LOVE wall collages. Mine allows me to express my style and life’s special moments! Showcasing memories and getting to look at some of my favorite photos on a daily basis makes my heart so happy! This wall in my apartment serves as a reminder of how blessed I am!

Here are a few tips on how to reasonably and uniquely create a wall collage:

- Find any wall décor that you have laying around your house or apartment that you could potentially use on your wall.

Decide how many more items you want for your wall and what you want/need to purchase:

- For canvases, ALWAYS has sales. So wait for their next sale, decide on a photo for your canvas and order it. The photo of my parents and I at the UT Football game is on a canvas. It adds dimension and variety to the wall.

- As for my frames, I got some of mine from Hobby Lobby when they were having a frame sale. I believe I got them half off or BOGO half off, great deals. Other great places to look for reasonable, unique frames are TJ MAXX, Marshall’s and Ross. These places always have a variety of frames and usually new ones come in every now and then.

- I only have two frames that match (the turquoise and green) and I made sure to place them on opposite sides of the wall. Get a variety of frames.

Ideas to give your wall variety:

- Add an animal head wall mount or object. I added the faux animal head, which I purchased from White Faux Fur Taxidermy, to add character to my wall. I decide to showcase this head with the empty frame around it as my center focal point because of its uniqueness compared to the other items on my wall.

- Other ideas could be large letters with lights in them, clocks, crosses, unique shapes, wall plant holders, metal letters (like my “N” it’s from Anthropologie & I had it laying around my apartment), mirrors; the options are really endless. These objects will also add dimension to your wall. Use your imagination!

- I found the mini elephant and giraffe ceramic head mounts at Anthropologie as well. I hooked them on the wall using a nail and tying a piece of burlap string from one nail to the other with a bit of a droop. I used mini wooden clothespins to hang photos! These pictures are also easily accessible and exchangeable.

For a quick refresh to your collage, change out and update a few pictures or paintings!

Photos aren’t the only things for frames:

- The gold frame around the head was originally white from Hobby Lobby. I spray-painted it gold to match and stand out. I love how the oval shape adds another element to my wall since my other frames have straight edges.

Art is ALWAYS the perfect option:

- I’ve framed a painting of the Eiffel Tower that I got when I went to Paris (take me back, please). This has allowed my painting to stay in good shape and allows me to showcase it amongst other images that I love. So whether it is a drawing from your child, student, friend, or an artist, you could consider filling it in on part of your wall. Other ideas, framing a piece of fabric or paper that contains some sort of design. A quote or other notes could be framed as well.

Quote canvases are great to add:

- My mom gave me the “love never fails” Bible verse canvas. I love that it adds color, wood, and a daily reminder that we are so loved! I think it's from Francesca's, either way they still have cute wall decor!

1 Corinthians 13:7 [LOVE] “it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, LOVE NEVER FAILS”

One last tip and probably the most important:

- Lay everything out on the floor how you want it to look on the wall before you start going crazy with the nails! This allows you to change pieces around and decide how it will look perfect without putting a bunch of extra holes in your wall!

Decor ideas:

Happy decorating! Stay tuned!

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