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Comfy workout pants are a must; here are my three favorites.

I LOVE to be comfy, especially when I am traveling. I will be doing a bit of that this week; and since I will be headed to the beach, it’s time to get out all of the workout pants and get my workout on. Plus, summer is on its way. (YES!!!) There are definitely some things I like and don’t like about workout pants. I have linked some similar to my favorites. Obviously workout pants are stretchy but some not stretchy enough. These here take the comfy, stretchy and secure factor to a whole different level; the perfect fit and feeling. I literally feel free, like I could fly or maybe… do around the world karate kicks (if that’s even a thing…) the point is, they are comfortable and great to toddle around in or get a good work out in (not restricting). So, here's what I look for when shopping for workout pants:

  • Higher waisted, holds everything in and I like the tightness around my waist and lower stomach.

  • Stretchy elastic around the waist; not to tight where there is literally not stretch, but there is also nothing worse than it feeling like the elastic around the waist is gone and that your pants could come down

  • Super soft feel; I don’t want them to feel like they could snag or to feel slippery; I love them cozy and soft.

  • Aren’t too hard to get on; aka too tight around the legs or too tight around the waist when trying to pull them up. Obviously, they’re pants, you’re going to have to pull; but no one wants to feel like they can’t move (or breathe) when they are in a pair of workout pants. Again, stretchy and soft all over.

Here are my top three:

1. So my absolute favorite workout pants, that are OH SO COMFORTABLE, have the perfect waistline and also have me feeling so free are my RBX pants. Nothing but love for these. Also, they are so affordable. (Most workout pants are WAY overpriced.) These run from $34.99 to most that are $29.99. And here the RBX similar to mine (I want this print): RBX

2. Second favs. are my Harvest sustainable active wear pants; I wish they were a tad bit higher in the waist. Not as reasonable, but they currently have some sales & some super cute prints; here: HARVEST

3. Rounding out the top three... these lululemon z3 pants I got at the lulu outlet mall in San Marcos, Texas. They have a totally different feel and fit than my other lulu pants, so for these I’d suggest going to the store and trying them on. If you have access to a lulu outlet, GO! The prices are so much more reasonable. These are a lot more “free feeling” aka not restrictive at all, also the perfect squeeze around the waist and lower stomach. Here are some that I think are similar to my outlet favorites from lulu: right here.

Stay comfy and cute while you're running around town, traveling the world or getting your workout on. Stay tuned, xxo!

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