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My "must do" list for your one-day winter visit to Jackson Hole

Here are my three “MUST-DO” suggestions while visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a full winter day!

1. Explore the town!!!

If it’s too cold to walk around, then drive around. The town is so quaint and has great new modern characteristics. You have to see and stop at the famous Antler Aches that are located on the four corners of town square. These are an icon of the town and the perfect photo-op for your visit! Around the square and throughout the town, you can visit the many unique shops and restaurants.

2. During the day, plan an adventure

Ski or snowboard at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or if you don’t mind an hour drive, you can ski at Grand Targhee Ski Resort like we did when we were visiting Jackson. Both of these places are known for their powder and will make for a great day on the slopes. Make sure to look at the weather ahead of time, because if it’s your first time on these runs you want to steer clear of doing it on a foggy day. If hitting the slopes isn’t what you’re up for, you could plan a snowmobiling trip.

3. At night, have a drink on the saddles of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is one of the most iconic bars of Jackson Hole. If you’re over twenty-one you should definitely have a beer on the saddles that are used instead of barstools. We stayed and had a few and then enjoyed their live entertainment. There is a more upscale restaurant downstairs of the bar that is always an option for dinner or for families. We ordered a burger from the bar and it was very delicious. Another great nighttime option is dinner and a show at Jackson Hole Playhouse.

We stayed at the Parkway Inn, it was walking distance to the town square. (Even in the cold weather it was a super closer walk. (THREE BLOCKS!)) We got a really affordable room on Breakfast was included in the cutest dining area. We very much enjoyed our cozy stay at this boutique inn. I would recommend it; there is also an indoor pool and hot tub but we didn’t have enough time for that. Free Wi-Fi, too.

There are so many options of things to do in Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas, but these are my one day winter suggestions, enjoy!


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