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Tips for the night before an early flight

I had been thinking about this blog post and then I saw Dr. Oz on the Today Show talking about the “germiest place on a plane.” I decided these reminders were crucial to travelers!!! According to Dr. Oz, the HEADREST is the dirtiest place on an airplane. Yuck. I would suggest bringing a scarf or something to lay your head on if you’re planning on taking a snooze while on the plane.

Here are a few reminders for the night before your flight:


IMPORTANT: take your vitamins and drink an emergen-C! In fact, I would suggest making sure you don’t miss taking you vitamins the whole week before your trip. You don’t want to risk being sick on your trip, EVER!

2. have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes!

Don’t be ashamed to wipe off your tray table, headrest and seatbelt. Again, there is no need to risk getting sick. Bring face wipes if you want to refresh yourself when you reach your destination and lotion to apply as your skin may dry out during the long trip.


See my article “Always bring an orange to the airport,” for all the benefits of throwing an orange in your carry-on. Also, if you have a long flight or a long day of travel planned, make sure you pack some snacks! You’ll be happy when you don’t have to purchase overpriced airport food that sometimes isn’t very delicious or nutritious.

Reminder for your long flights: get up, walk to the bathroom and stretch a little (even if it’s in your seat) you will feel a lot better when you reach your destination. Even if you look silly, who cares? You won’t feel silly when you arrive.


This might be obvious, but some people put it off. Print your boarding pass the night before because you never know what issues your printer may come up with the morning of your flight. You can always print it at the airport, but sometimes that involves long lines. P.S. make sure your ID is in your wallet.

5. Pack your bags, lay out the morning necessities and get a great night sleep!

There is no way I could pack my bags the same day as a flight, unless I am returning home that is OR heading out on a last minute adventure (love those so much!) I am such a planner. As for the good night of sleep... I know how hard this can be when an exciting adventure awaits! However, there is nothing better than being fresh and energized for every adventure!

Safe travels! XXO.

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