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four Super Bowl 50 commercials worth watching if you haven't seen them yet!

Some people watch it for the commercials, some for the food and social interactions, and some watch it for the game and their love of football. To many, it’s the game of the year, the Super Bowl. Forbes estimates that Super Bowl 50 will generate $620 million for the NFL. They also reported that 2016 Super Bowl ads were selling for $5 million dollars!!! If you just did the math, that’s more than $150,000 PER SECOND! With that amount of money being spent, you would think “perfection,” but there were definitely some questionable ads. For some, I guess that helps get the word swirling about these brands. Anyways, here are a few Super Bowl 50 ads that are worth watching if you missed them during last night’s game or hadn’t seen them before.

[Quick clarification: Peyton plugged Budweiser, so I decided to use my Miller Lite picture as the header of this article. (also because it's one of the only photos I took during Super Bowl 50) You're welcome Miller. A free plug from yours truly.]

Doritos always brings the heat in the commercial game. Their “Ultrasound” commercial was hilarious. I’d bet there are some prego mommas out there that can related. Ha, I’d ask him to share.

The Bud Light Party commercial was great. Funny, so timely, and appropriate; I loved it.

Another great Doritos commercial brought out the big dogs, literally. This made me giggle.

Finally, many people prefer the Clydesdales in all of the Budweiser commercials, but I really LOVED this one. Budweiser bluntly stating: do not drink and drive. I’m sure it hit home to many and I hope the message reminded many to call a ride instead of drink and drive. “Don’t be a coward.” #GiveADamn

Oh and one last thing, you HAVE to watch if you missed it… Betty White dabbing! This is great.

What was your favorite commercial? I hope everyone enjoyed their night, ate too much delicious food and stayed safe. Congrats Broncos! What a fairytale ending for Peyton Manning (if he does decide to retire that is… I’m going to guess: yes.) How long until football season starts again?

Stay tuned, xxo!

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