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A Better Way to Pack Your Bag

Packing up and heading out! Many people will be traveling this holiday season and with check-through baggage prices rising, it’s time for us to find better ways to pack our bags. Here are a few tips to making sure you can squeeze in all the necessities.


If you are planning on bringing a pair of boots, bulky shoes or massive sweaters on your next adventure, then you might as well just wear them to the airport! These items take up to much room in your carry-on. Even if you are planning on checking a bag, the bigger the stuff you wear, the bigger the space left in your bag for you to fill with the many other things you might need! If I'm traveling with my cowboy boots, I ALWAYS wear them to the airport! Thankfully they are so comfy, too. Plus, your sweater or jacket will keep you warm. The airport & airplane temperatures always fluctuate.

Bring clothes that are easily washable (or that you can wear twice, no shame)

If you’re going to have access to a washing machine then you can always wash clothes and wear them again. Otherwise, you can bring clothes that don’t stretch out quickly so that you are able to wear something twice. (As long as it’s not smelly or stained, that is…) Pajamas are my first go-to for easily re-wearable.

Roll yo clothes.

I usually have more room if I roll my shirts and pajamas rather than just laying them flat.

Bring carry-ons and share a suitcase.

If you’re flying with a party of two or more, try sharing a suitcase. If everyone packs their own carry-on (as long as the airline doesn’t charge for that, too… because some charge for carry-ons now too) then maybe you get the rest of everyone’s belongings in one big suitcase to check through. All airlines allow you to bring some sort of carry-on that can fit under your seat. I always bring my backpack; FILL IT UP. You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a backpack with stuffing something in every corner. I always have room to slide my book in last; right on the top for easy to grab reading on the plane!

Extra tidbit: If you’re bringing a carry-on that is larger than your backpack, make sure it has wheels! Carrying a heavy duffel bag around on one arm or shoulder can really strain your back, neck and/or shoulders. Trust me it gets painful, even when you’re just walking to your gate, Nobody wants to feel achey during the best time of the year! (or ever for that matter...)

Get your boots on, grab your backpack and go. Safe travels, y'all! XXO & stay tuned!

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