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29 benefits of wheatgrass

My mom and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen in Salt Lake City a few weekends ago. She decided to order us both a shot of wheatgrass. Although I had taken one before, I was hesitant. I just woke up and wanted to enjoy my sweet, milky mocha! Let me just say, if you’re going to take a wheatgrass shot MAKE SURE it is chilled. I think our shot glasses had just come out of a hot dishwasher… anyways, shot it back and it was over with minimal gagging. I then read some of the benefits of wheatgrass that were posted on the wall at Pulp. It made me curious, so I did some research! Here are reasons why I should start taking wheatgrass shots; hopefully I will, and hopefully you will to!

  1. Improves overall immune system

  2. Cleanses the liver

  3. Increases energy

  4. 1 oz. of juice = 2 pounds of fresh produce

  5. Rich in essential vitamins: A, B, C, E, K

  6. Full of chlorophyll, which delivers more oxygen to the blood

  7. Helps to prevent gray hair

  8. Rich in protein and enzymes

  9. Eliminates heavy metals from the body

  10. Helps with curing acne

  11. Improves digestion

  12. Rich in minerals

  13. Dissolves scars in the lungs

  14. Helps detox

  15. Hydrates cells

  16. Can help restore fertility

  17. Rich in iron, which improves energy

  18. It’s gluten-free

  19. Improves skin problems

  20. Prevents tooth decay

  21. Fights inflammation

  22. Rich in magnesium, which is essential for the body’s energy production

  23. Slows down aging

  24. Helps regulate blood sugar

  25. Can help improve arthritis

  26. Contains more vitamin-C than oranges

  27. Rich in anti-oxidants

  28. Can renew bodily tissue

  29. Wheatgrass can improve overall health, happiness, vitality and well-being!

Stay healthy & stay tuned!

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