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Park City Adventure Guide

When I first arrived in Park City, Utah this past August, I fell in love with it's quaint, hip, ski town vibes. I couldn't wait to visit again! I was able to bring my parents there just two weeks ago. They LOVED it as well! Here are a few ideas from my awesome advenutre in PC that I hope you find just as fun during your next Park City adventure!

1. Visit Utah Olympic Park, Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics!

There is a free museum at the Utah Olympic Park that has everything you need to know about the 2002 winter Olympics. It was so neat to watch athletes train just by showing up at the park. You can call the day before you plan to go and ask if there will be any training going on for that day!

I am so anxious to go back and try the bobsled, the zip line, and the ski jump tubing! The activities were closed the weekend in November that I went.

I learned that Salt Lake City is going to put in a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics! As long as the summer Olympics are not in the United States in 2024, they are able to put in a bid to hold the Winter Olympics in there. I WANT TO GO!

2. Have your Sunday funday at the Park Silly Sunday Market

IF you’re visiting during June 5th – September 18th AND are in PC on a Sunday, you MUST check out the Park Silly Sunday Market on Main Street. Great produce, delicious baked goods, local art, handmade jewelry, live music AND SO MUCH MORE! My favorite market to date, so fun!

3. Hit the slopes or just stop by for a visit to one of the world-class resorts!

Deer Valley Resort or Park City Mountain Resort which is now one with Canyons resort!

4. Stroll & shop down historic Main Street

5. Eat at some of the delicious restaurants

Out of the restaurants we’ve tried, my favorites are:

6. Make sure to have your morning coffee at one of the local coffee shops

The ATTICUS Coffee, Books & Teahouse is adorable and has a quaint bookstore/gift shop for you to browse around while sipping your morning latte!

7. Have a cold one at No Name Saloon

Stop in for, perhaps, a PBR or in my case this past visit, a Bailey’s and coffee, at No Name Saloon on Main Street! Park City's oldest and most popular bar! The atomosphere is lively and cozy... so, perfect!

8. If you need a taxi, you HAVE to take the karaoke cab!

Sounded so good everyone just thought we had Katy Perry playing on the radio............... hahaha SO FUN, I loved it!!!!! P.S., even if you don't need a taxi, take this somewhere instead of driving!!!

9. Find your own adventure in Park City!

You could always go mountain biking, take hot air balloon rides, go fly-fishing and so much more. ALWAYS, enjoy the scenic views and check out Park City’s calendar of events! Planning a picnic with amazing views (in the warmer months, that is) is definetely on my to-do list!

10. Sundance Film Festival

And of course, the Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City. The 2016 festival is coming up; happening January 21-26!

Have the best advenuture, and as always, STAY TUNED!

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